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Name:Prototype Interface and Disk Operating System
Location:United States of America
The research vessel Borealis, built by Aperture Science in 1986, had two experimental Aperture prototypes incorporated into its structure. The first was an as-yet untested portal generator, designed to teleport the ship and its crew short distances across open water. The second was PIaDOS. Originally conceived as a computerized fuel system icing inhibitor, the Prototype Intelligence and Disc Operating System fell prey to an overzealous development team and was expanded into a sophisticated AI that would monitor and/or control every aspect of the ship's operation.

Somehow, nobody realized the potential implications of connecting the two together.

Mere hours before the Borealis was due to be launched, PIaDOS, apparently without any prompting from the crew or construction team, activated the portal generator, causing the entire ship, as well as everyone aboard and a large portion of the drydock, to vanish without a trace. Despite a thorough investigation, the ship was never found.

Officially, anyway. Unofficially, the heads of Aperture Science knew exactly where the Borealis was, and the last thing they wanted was for anyone to go looking for it.

In 2021, someone did.

The ship and its prototypes weren't half as interesting as everything else they found...

Aperture Science, the Borealis, and all things Portal- and Half-Life-related are the property of Valve Software. This is a fan character created solely for the purposes of roleplaying, from which no profit whatsoever is being made. Quite the opposite, in fact.
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